Golfshot Android & iOS UI Design

Helped with UI/UX design for mobile devices, Apple Watch and Android wear in addition to marketing content like product emails and social media posts.


About the project

Demonstrate problem-solving skills through design thinking; communicate solutions and provide reasoning, and iterate constantly through team feedback and user testing. Engaging design solutions for an ever-changing landscape.

  • Role: 
    UI/UX Designer

  • Tools: 
    Adobe Xd, Ps, and Ai

  • User: 
    Golfshot User

  • Timeline: 
    June 2019-August 2019


Since I have signed an NDA with the company so I am not allowed to share the project detail in public. If you are interested in my work; feel free to contact me and I am glad to give you a project presentation.


My supervisor thinks that I works efficiently and is flexible with our fast-paced environment. I got the knowledgeable of design principles as well as product guidelines while continuing to learn about the latest updates and trends in the industry. We worked really well as a team, bouncing ideas back and forth and splitting up work.