Tech to Protect Challenge: FIRE SAFETY IN 3D

Fire Safety in 3D incentivizes Homeowners to Create Pre-Incident Plans by providing virtual Interior Design in 3D combined, real time online shopping and real Estate listing & virtual tour.


About the Project

The Tech to Protect Challenge is a national open innovation contest designed to help emergency responders accomplish their mission to serve and protect our communities nationwide.

  • Role: 
    UX/Product Designer

  • Tools: 
    Adobe XD

  • Client: 

  • Timeline: 
    September 2019


How to incentivize citizens to create fire-safety checklists and pre-incident plans of their homes in a way that is easy-to-use, rewarding, meaningful, and scalable for deploying nationwide?


Since the contest is still in process and we are going to participate in the national-wide contest, I am not allowed to share the project detail in pubic. If you are interested in my work; feel free to contact me and I am glad to give you a project presentation.


Our team won the 3rd prize in top Overall and Best in Class Contest 5 bagging a consolidated prize amount of $6000 in Chicago, and won all three contests in which they participated and took first , second, and third overall awards, winning over $25K in Pittsburgh.